/!\ Delinked since July 2010 /!\

No theres no page here. There is no page within a hundred kilobytes of here.  

I am not worried. And neither should you be.

In fact, as we speek, viruses are committing suicide outside the firewall of this server,
and we encourage them to continue doing so.  

There is only truth HERE. All the rest is Lies! Lies! Lies!

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Youtubechannels: Game-TV / LvLUp

Game-TV / LvLUp.TV are delinked!

Game-TV / LvLUp.TV sind eingestellt!

Wir danken an dieser Stelle nochmal all unseren Usern, Partnern usw.!

Falls ihr mit der ehemaligen Game-TV bzw. LvLUp Crew in Kontakt bleiben wollt nutzt

bitte die Facebook-Seite http://www.facebook.com/LvLUpTV

MfG eure ehemalige Tech-Crew

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PPS: THX to our Partners & Friends:

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